Estrategia AMPIP


2030 Roadmap

It is a collaborative tool to facilitate the planning and implementation of an agenda based on short, medium, and long-term objectives and actions. AMPIP developed the roadmap titled "New Generation of Smart and Sustainable Industrial Parks, Road to 2030", considering the present characteristics of the sector and the impact of mega trends in the world and the industry.

Strategic Axes

Long-term strategy

AMPIP has a long-term strategy that is governed by five major strategic axes, which are accompanied by transversal lines of action related to financing, innovation, lobbying, and other actions essential for the fulfillment of our objectives.

AMPIP operates through Committees and Commissions to align activities and goals according to the strategic focus of each axis and the priorities of the membership.

2022 - 2023

Strategic Axes



The industrial real estate sector is made up of several types of companies. Industrial parks are the first link in the supply chain and their importance lies in giving certainty to their installed companies.


AMPIP representativity

Due to the importance of the sector, AMPIP represents real estate developers, investment funds, FIBRAs and trusts that develop or manage industrial parks, to which are added key industry suppliers. Thus, AMPIP has very specific lines of action established in accordance with our criteria to maintain and increase business representation, such as:

Disseminate the activities of the association, both in and out the membership.

Establish appropriate forms for measuring representativity, particularly from the Mexican Census of Industrial Parks.

Diversify industry suppliers to guarantee diversity in this area.

Continuously improve the affiliation process, avoiding redtape.



Energy is one of the main inputs for an industrial park to operate. Growing demand of clean energy sources in the country leads to challenges that must be addressed by industrial developers.


Energy Committee


Support our membership in the management and facilitation of access to energy sources with strategic actors and those related to investment and infrastructure, through lobbying actions.

Lines of action

  1. Represent the interests of AMPIP membership regarding energy supply.
  2. Have reliable information on the energy consumption and needs of the industrial real estate sector.
  3. Share the best practices and latest trends regarding efficient energy use and procurement with our membership.
  4. Collaborate towards the realization of a strategic plan by AMPIP membership in order to facilitate the supply of the necessary electric energy to industrial parks in a timely manner.



Our promotion strategy aims to create a favorable environment for industrial parks in Mexico, attract investments, and foster economic development and job creation. We continuously evaluate and refine our promotion efforts to ensure maximum effectiveness and impact. We work closely with our members, partners, and stakeholders to achieve long-term strategic goals.

Promovemos México

Promotion Committee


Position AMPIP as a reliable source of information and management and promote the advantages of Mexico and its industrial parks.

Lines of action

  1. Information: We strive to provide updated and accurate data on Mexico and its promotion arguments to support foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction. We believe reliable information is crucial in attracting investors to our industrial parks.
  2. AMPIP Network: We actively work on identifying and integrating stakeholders who can join efforts in promoting industrial real estate spaces. Collaboration and partnership with like-minded organizations can amplify our efforts to promote Mexico and its industrial parks.
  3. FDI leads: We assist companies with their investment initiatives in Mexico by providing guidance and support in site selection. We believe in providing personalized assistance to companies to help them navigate the investment landscape in Mexico and make informed decisions.
  4. Events: We organize events in Mexico to position AMPIP membership and raise awareness about our industrial parks. We also participate in national and international forums to promote Mexico and its industrial parks globally.



AMPIP has practices that are aligned with the criteria of the Certification in Environmental Quality granted by the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA in Spanish) in favor of environment and a sustainable water and waste management.


ESG Committee


Promote the best international practices in environmental, social and governance matters among the members of the AMPIP membership.

Lines of action

  1. Have reliable information about the industrial real estate sector in terms of sustainability.
  2. Promote actions and strategies in favor of sustainable development among our membership.
  3. Certify industrial parks before national and international standards in terms of ESG.
  4. Share best-practices of industrial parks in terms of sustainability and inclusion with national and international actors.


Infrastructure and Security

Industrial parks are the first link in the supply chain. For a continuous operation, it is essential that they have in place the right infrastructure, equipment, basic services, and safety criteria.

Seguridad e Infraestructura

Infrastructure and Security Committee


  1. Have a security culture based on international standards adapted to Mexican industrial parks.
  2. Have instruments to classify industrial parks based on their infrastructure.

Lines of action

  1. Have a specifications checklist with which a real estate development must comply to be called an industrial park.
  2. Homogenize security criteria in industrial parks.
  3. Promote a culture of security in industrial parks.
  4. Know the logistics elements valuable for industrial parks.