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Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP in Spanish)

We are a non-profit civil association created in 1986 made up of private real estate developers, investment funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), trusts managed by state governments and suppliers related to industrial parks.

AMPIP represents industrial parks in Mexico, which today are part of the strategic infrastructure for supply chains that create employment and economic development.


Represent industrial parks in Mexico and provide value services for our membership, focused on strengthening their competitiveness.


Consolidate as the leading organization of excellence in the promotion of the Mexican model of industrial parks, in favor of Mexico’s economic development.


  • Represent the interests of the owners and developers of industrial parks in Mexico, as well as investment funds, REIT, state trusts and related sector providers.
  • Strengthen access to financial resources, trends in infrastructure, logistics, regulatory framework, and other aspects necessary for industrial parks optimal performance.
  • Advocate for best practices in the industrial real estate sector in terms of infrastructure quality, safety, sustainability, and social responsibility.
  • Promote the advantages of industrial parks to national and international companies, to the three levels of Mexican government, to foreign governments, and to other organizations involved.
  • Identify and disseminate global trends that impact industrial parks in Mexico.
  • Carry out lobbying actions in favor of the Mexican industrial real estate sector.
  • Promote alliances with related national and foreign organizations.
  • Materialize actions that facilitate the development and strengthen the businesses of the membership.